The web user’s one of the main concerns is privacy. It is our top priority in WhatsApp Groups to ensure the privacy of our users. In this policy, you will know the kind of data we collect from our site users and how we use it.

Remember this privacy policy will only apply to our users and not to third-party channels or groups other than our website.

What Kind Of Information Do We Collect?

First of all, let me be clear that we do not collect any information. We collect only the information that you comment on in our post. Or when you submit a message in Contact Us.

How Do We Utilize The Data Of Our Users?

When our users send some data in the comments, we utilize that data to:

  • Improve the user experience.
  • To prevent spamming and put a stop to fraud culture.
  • Take suggestions to make changes to our website for the best user experience.
  • To get feedback from our visitors to improve our weak spots.

How We Secure And Protect Your Information?

Our website is based on WhatsApp groups and provides links to WhatsApp groups. Our site will never ask you to send your ID or your data. Moreover, we use other software to give 100% protection to our users.

We protect your every personal information through the latest technologies like Transport Layer Security(TSL) and Secure Socket Layer(SSL).  Also, we often delete those files that pose a risk of spreading viruses by some Anti-Virus software.

We don’t have your data. Only the hosting server company has access to your data but they are required to make your information private.

Does This Website Use Cookies?

Like other websites our website WhatsApp Groups also uses Cookies. To understand Our cookies Policy properly, you have to know what Cookies are. Cookies are short files, when you visit our site they will transfer to your’s computer local hard drive. They will only send to your computer when you allow them in the Browser. We use Cookies for these reasons:

  • To store information including visitor’s preferences, and the pages on our website that a visitor accessed.
  • To understand the interests of our targeted audience.
  • To examine the actions and behaviors of our users to improve our performance and user experience.
  • To track the behavior of our users and customized ads.

Third-Party Privacy Policies

As above mentioned, we provide links to different WhatsApp groups and also links to some Websites. Those links are called third-party links. Therefore WhatsApp groups are not responsible for those groups or any activity that is harmful to you.

So, we suggest that before visiting third-party sites, make sure to see the documentation of their privacy policy. However, we do not send or share your data to those third-party sites.

Furthermore, google itself is a third party and uses some of our information. The sort of information that Google uses is further explained in detail by Google’s Privacy & Terms.