WhatsApp Group Rules

whatsapp group rules

Nowadays, WhatsApp is the most widely used application for communication purposes. According to research, 2.7 billion people use WhatsApp monthly to communicate with each other. Nowadays, it is set to be a trend that a group of people have created their WhatsApp group in which they communicate with each other at the same time and also use these groups for business purposes.

As we know, every group has a group admin who is the owner of that group or who created the group. Admins play a vital role in maintaining group discipline and it’s their responsibility to maintain a healthy group environment, and for this, they set some rules that everyone has to follow. Here are some WhatsApp group rules:


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Top Whatsapp Group Rules

Here are some WhatsApp group rules that most of the admins implement on their respective group members. Every member has to follow these rules to stay in the group.

  • Try to stay active in the group every day and make sure you are present in the group.
  • Posting irrelevant content is discouraged and try to add something related to the topic of the group.
  • Posting something that is not relevant to the group’s main topic is discouraged.
  • You are not allowed to spam the chat by sharing affiliate links.
  • You are not allowed to advertise your brand or product in the group. It is against the group’s rules and regulations.
  • You have to respect the other members of the group.
  • Always respect the admin and try to follow admin guidelines.
  • If an argument leads to a fight, then leave that argument because fighting in the group is strictly prohibited.
  • Do not abuse anyone or not use abusive language in the group.
  • If the WhatsApp group is business-related, always try to respond quickly to the admin’s posts.

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Best Whatsapp Group Rules

  • Do not share adultery content, nudes, pornographic material, and gambling links in the groups.
  • If the group is girls WhatsApp group-related, try to use smooth language and respect each female member of the group.
  • Try to avoid political and religious talks in the group, as it is prohibited because it may hurt someone’s feelings.
  • Do not use silly or weird jokes and try to avoid point scoring to someone because it is prohibited.
  • Post a message in one single click. Do not repeat the same message again and again because it can offend other members of the group.
  • Do not try to change the group’s profile picture, name, and description. It only allowed the admin of the group to change the group settings and profile of the group.
  • Do not add someone to the group without the permission of the admin. If admins allow you, then add someone to the group.

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Most Common WhatsApp Group Rules

  • Most of the group admins have set the timetable of the group. Post a message in the given timetable and do not post anything beyond the given time limit.
  • If someone asks a question in the group, don’t respond to him in case you do not know the answer to the question. You just wait for some time, and someone who knows the answer will respond to that question.
  • Do not send your data or information to the group because it may lead you to a scam.
  • If you are chatting with a person one to one in the group, then try to switch to private messages.
  • Always try to write to the point messages. Don’t write lengthy and detailed messages.
  • Do not spread propaganda of fake news in the group.

These are the rules that you should follow before joining the group if you are a member of that group. And you have to implement these rules in the group if you are a group admin.

3 Group Rules Before Posting A Message In The WhatsApp Group

Three common rules you should keep in mind before posting a message or post in the group. These following rules are listed below, which you should keep in mind before posting a message:

  • Before posting a message or post in the group, always keep in mind whether this post is relevant to the group topic or what you are sharing. If it is relevant to the group topic, then share it and if not, don’t share.
  • Before posting a message in the group, look at the timetable. If that current time meets the schedule of the group, then post it, and if not then post it the next day.
  • Before posting, always think in your mind whether what you are posting is necessary to post or not. If it is necessary and helpful to others, then post it if not then don’t post it.

These are the few points that you have to keep in mind before posting a message or post in the group.

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Pros And Cons Of WhatsApp Group Rules


  • By following these rules you can join a group safely and no one will kick you out of the group.
  • Following these rules gives a good reputation to the group.
  • There is a chance that because of your good reputation, the admin may impressed with you and make you the coordinator of the group.


  • These rules might be different from your nature of dealing with other people and you may face difficulties in maintaining discipline.


Whatsapp rules are very important to maintain discipline in the group. With the help of these rules, admins may find it easy to conduct and maintain protocols in the groups.

You can set up rules for your WhatsApp group in the following ways.

  • Go to the group and open the group chat.
  • Tap on the group name and go to the group setting.
  • In the group setting section, select the group rules.
  • In this way, you can communicate your group rules with the other members of the group.

Final Thoughts

In this article, we have discussed the most common WhatsApp group rules that admins may implement on their group members. To join any group, you have to follow at least some of these groups to stay in the group. And if you neglect these rules, you may be thrown out of the group. Try to follow all the given rules before joining any WhatsApp group.

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