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As we all know, Bangladesh is the fastest-growing economic country in the world, and everyone wants to know the reason behind it. Bangladesh is also a tourist destination and is famous for its culture and hospitality. Well, a few years ago it was not possible to know the people and culture of other countries without traveling to that country. But now, it is possible because we have brought you some Bangladesh WhatsApp group links.

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If you have not traveled to Bangladesh before but want to explore Bangladesh, its culture, and its beautiful people, then you are at the right place. We have collected some Bangladesh WhatsApp groups that can provide you with all the information related to Bangladesh. In these groups, there are a lot of communities from Bangladesh that share information about this great country. So, don’t waste any more time and join these groups.


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Bangladesh Whatsapp Group Links

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  • Bangla Adventure Spots _ Join
  • Islam The Best Religion _ Join
  • Govt. and Private Jobs _ Join
  • investment company Bangla _ Join
  • Dhaka Girls Group _ Join

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  • Business In Bangladesh _ Join
  • Chat Bangla Girls _ Join
  • Islamic Studies Bangla _ Join
  • Bangladesh Entertainment Hub _ Join
  • True Love Bangladesh _ Join
  • Business opportunity _ Join
  • Bangladesh Love _ Join
  • Bangla Film Industry _ Join
  • Jobs Seekers Dhaka _ Join
  • Lovely Bangla Friends _ Join
  • Business in the world _ Join
  • Bangla Friends Group _ Join
  • Bangla sunshine _ Join

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  • Gangla Student Visa _ Join
  • Uniters boom boom _ Join
  • Bangali Stock Exchange _ Join
  • Green Plus Services _ Join
  • Hazary wal_ Join

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WhatsApp Group Links: A Few Facts About Bangladesh

Before joining the Bangladesh WhatsApp group, we recommend you first know some facts about Bangladesh, as this will help you to join a perfect WhatsApp group. Here are some facts about Bangladesh.

  • Bangladesh is situated in South Asia and is the 4th largest Muslim state in the world.
  • Bangladesh gained independence on March 26, 1971, from Pakistan, and its first political leader was Shaikh Mujeeb Ur Rehman.
  • Bangladesh is a coastal country but shares its land borders with India and Myanmar.
  • Bangladesh is famous for its cuisines, and its most famous dish is white rice with fish.
  • Bangladesh is the fastest-growing economic country in South Asia, and the textile industry is world-famous. The total GDP of Bangladesh is 416 Billion USD.
  • 90% of Bangladesh’s population are Bengali Muslims, and Bengali is the official language of Bangladesh.
  • Bangladesh has the longest unbroken sea beach in the world.
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Rules of Bangladesh WhatsApp Group Links

Like any other group, Bangladesh WhatsApp group links also have some must-follow rules. These rules are for everyone who is a member of these groups. These group rules are very important, and if you want to stay in these groups, you have to follow these group rules. Following are the standard Bangladeshi WhatsApp group rules.

  • Video and audio calls are not allowed in these Bangladeshi WhatsApp groups.
  • You must have to respect every member of the group. Also, give respect to the admin of the group.
  • Always obey and follow the guidelines of the group admin to maintain discipline in the groups.
  • Do not share spam or affiliate links in Bangladesh WhatsApp groups.
  • Do not promote any product or service in these groups, as these groups are not affiliate groups.
  • Always stay active and share your views about Bangladesh.
  • Do not share irrelevant content in these groups. Only share content that relates to the group niche.
  • Do not share porn or adultery in these groups, as this is not a good practice.
  • Discussions on politics and religion are not allowed in these groups.
  • Do not make changes in the group settings, as it is only allowed to group admins.
  • Do not use vulgar or abusive language in these groups.
  • If you see someone violating the group rules, contact the admin.

What Are Bangladesh WhatsApp Group Links?

Bangladesh WhatsApp groups are the platforms where people of different communities share their information and content related to Bangladesh. Also, if you have any query or question in your mind related to Bangladesh, you can discuss that question in these groups. There are different Bangladeshi WhatsApp groups, and every group shares a piece of different information. Also, you can explore beautiful girls as there are many Bangladeshi girls WhatsApp group links here.

How To Join Bangladesh WhatsApp Group Links?

In this section, we will discuss how to join a Bangladesh WhatsApp group link. Well, joining a Bangladesh WhatsApp group link is as easy as a piece of cake. You just have to follow these 5 simple steps to join a Bangladeshi WhatsApp group. Here are a few simple steps.

  • Go to the list of Bangladesh WhatsApp groups that are provided above and look for your favorite WhatsApp group.
  • After you choose your favorite group, click on the Join Now button that is next to the group subject.
  • Doing this will redirect you to your WhatsApp main profile account.
  • Here, click the Join Group option that is at the bottom of your mobile screen.
  • By doing all these steps, you can easily join your favorite Bangladeshi WhatsApp group with the provided link.

Pros And Cons Of Bangladesh WhatsApp Group Links


  • You Can Engage in conversation with lovely Bangadeshi girls, as numerous Bangladeshi girls participate in these groups.
  • You can explore the undiscovered beauty of Bangladesh in these groups.
  • You can also find a job in Bangladesh, as there are many job groups here.
  • Also, you can explore the culture and heritage of Bangladesh in these groups.


  • You may not get the relevant data about Bangladesh that you were looking for.
  • There is a possibility that these groups might change your perception of your own country.


In this article, I have provided Bangladesh WhatsApp group links for each category such as business, education, girls, tourism, and many more. It is our first preference that you find your favorite Bangladeshi WhatsApp group link here. You can join these groups easily, as all the links are updated and the groups are not fully participated. We gathered these groups after a huge research. So, don’t waste your time and join these groups now.

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