Kannada WhatsApp Group Links

Kannada WhatsApp Group Links

Kannada is a language (recently known as Canarese) being spoken by the people of Karnataka. Suppose you are from Karnataka and want to know about your surroundings. Then you have good news because we have brought some Kannada WhatsApp group links for you to join to find any information about Kannada. You can also join these groups even if you’re not from Karnataka.

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In these Kannada WhatsApp groups, we have listed some Kannada newsgroups from which you can get all the latest information about Kannada. Also, we have listed some lovers and dating groups from which you can find your lover or dating partner from Kannada. There are some Kannada girl’s WhatsApp groups through which you make friends with beautiful girls. Also, there are some Kannada job groups for you so you can find a job in Karnataka or Kannada.


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Kannada Whatsapp Group Links

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Active Kannada WhatsApp Group Links

  • Politics of Karnataka _ Join
  • Everything My Control _ Join
  • SSLC Helpline _ Join
  • Earning and shopping group _ Join
  • Kannada Dating Group _ Join

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  • POWER ARMY _ Join
  • NKK ACADEMY _ Join
  • Karnataka Dating and Chatting _ Join
  • Karnataka Funny Group _ Join
  • Kannada Jobs Group_ Join
  • Future Life Business Bangalore_ Join
  • Kannada Study Group _ Join
  • Bangalore Dogs World _ Join
  • Online Jobs and Business _ Join
  • Karnataka Bikers Group _ Join

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Kannada WhatsApp Group Rules

These Kannada WhatsApp groups are Kannada-originated only. So, some group rules are created by the respective admins of these WhatsApp groups. Everyone who is a member of the group or someone likely to join these groups should have to follow these group rules. For your comfort, we have listed some of the most important group rules. Here are some top Kannada WhatsApp group rules.

  • These groups are related to Kannada only. So always share news and information related to Kannada.
  • There are some Kannada WhatsApp groups. So, try to use proper and gentle language and respect every girl in the group.
  • There are some Kannada dating groups. So, do not cheat any girl in the dating group.
  • Try to be an active member of the group and always share some information related to Kannada in these groups.
  • Respect every member of the group and admin as well.
  • Do not argue with the group admin and the group participants.
  • Do not spread any fake news in these groups.
  • Do not try to discriminate against others in these groups.
  • Political and religious talks are not allowed in these groups.
  • Do not share spam or affiliated links in these groups.

What Are Kannada WhatsApp Group Links?

Kannada WhatsApp group links are the platform where you can find a like-minded community from Kannada. These groups are created by individuals from Kannada. Each group has different information and entertainment facilities but the group niche is Kannada. You can find girls’ WhatsApp groups, kannada dating groups, and jobs groups in the links list given above. These groups are recently created and are not full with the group links still valid. You can join these Kannada WhatsApp groups by clicking on the provided link.

How To Join The Kannada WhatsApp Group Links?

These Kannada WhatsApp groups are for everyone and everyone can join these groups. Let’s assume that you have chosen your favorite Kannada WhatsApp group from the given list of group links. The very next step is to join a Kannada WhatsApp group. In this section, we will guide you properly on how to join a Kannada WhatsApp group with the provided link. Here are a few steps to join a WhatsApp group.

  • Go to the list of group links, scroll the list, and choose your favorite Kannada WhatsApp group.
  • After you made up your mind and choose your favorite WhatsApp group, click on the JOIN NOW button that is next to the group name.
  • It will redirect you to your WhatsApp Application.
  • Here, Click on the JOIN GROUP button that is at the bottom of your mobile screen.
  • Finally, you have joined your favorite Kannada WhatsApp group from the provided link.

Pros And Cons Of Kannada WhatsApp Group Links


  • In these Kannada WhatsApp groups, you can find Karnataka girls and make friends with these girls.
  • There are a lot of dating groups listed above. You can find your perfect Kannada dating partner in these groups.
  • You can find a job in Karnataka through these groups.
  • You can explore the diversity and beautiful Kannada people from Karnataka.


  • Finding a Kannada girl is a tough task. So, there are chances for you to have a hard luck in finding a beautiful partner.
  • There is a chance that you may not find your dating partner in these groups.


Yes, people other than Karnataka or Kannada language can join these groups as these groups are created for everyone. There is no such restriction that people from specific regions or languages can join these groups.

You can find your perfect Kannada dating partner from these groups by interacting with them. You have to talk gently to the other person. If someone is interested in you and meets your comfort level, you can date that person.

Final Verdict

We have listed all the possible best Kannada WhatsApp group links above. You can join these groups easily by just clicking on the link of the group. It is our top priority to provide you with active and latest Kannada WhatsApp groups and to give you a good user experience. Also, you can find some Kannada girls, kannada dating, and job groups in the above-given list. If you like this post share your views with us in the comment section and if you think we need any improvement, give your suggestion in the comment section.

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