Malaysia WhatsApp Group Links

Malaysia Whatsapp Group Links

As we know Malaysia is a beautiful country in southeast Asia. Malaysia is known for its beautiful architecture, lush green mountains, and landscape, and is a tourist-friendly country. If you are a Malaysian resident or non-resident I get you to the latest Malaysia WhatsApp group links where you can explore Malaysia.

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If you are a tour lover or want to explore different countries on your devices, then you are at the right place. I am going to provide you with the best Malaysia Whatsapp Group Links. In these groups, there are different categories of groups, such as Malaysian girl’s groups, tour groups, cultural groups, and many more, where you can explore everything about Malaysia.

Best Malaysia WhatsApp Group Links

There are many activities to do in Malaysia as this country is a well-known tourist destination. With this keeping in mind, I have collected groups of all the possible categories from jobs to the dating and tourism category and our list will cover all of them. The list of Malaysian WhatsApp groups is given below.

Study In Malaysia Whatsapp Group Links

Malaysia offers fully funded study visas to Graduates from all over the world in their universities. Here are some study groups that provide some sort of knowledge to avail these study opportunities.

  • Study in Malaysia _ Join
  • Malaysia University Scholarship _ Join
  • Malaysia Student Union _ Join
  • University Friends _ Join
  • Exams Key _ Join

Jobs WhatsApp Group In Malaysia

Malaysia is a business hub in Southeast Asia and there are a lot of job opportunities there. Here are some groups related to jobs.

  • Jobs in Malaysia _ Join
  • Malaysia Jobs Firm _ Join
  • Online Jobs in Malaysia _ Join
  • Malaysia Business _ Join
  • Sales jobs in Malaysia _ Join

Malaysia Entertainment WhatsApp Group

These WhatsApp groups bring you to the world of joy and entertainment. If you have an interest in Malaysian music, culture, and film then these groups are for you.

  • Anime World Malaysia _ Join
  • King Battle field Malaysia _ Join
  • R-Rox Community Rappers _ Join
  • Malaysian Songs Industry _ Join
  • BTS Army _ Join
  • Malaysian Movies _ Join

Malaysia Tourism WhatsApp Group Links

As we all know Malaysia is known for its tourism. It is a very beautiful destination with astonishing hill stations. Here are some groups related to Malaysia tourism.

  • World Travel Association _ Join
  • Global Travel Advisor _ Join
  • Famous Travelling Sites Malaysia _ Join
  • Travel Agents _ Join
  • Kuala Lumpur Destination _ Join
  • Malaysian Travell Agency _ Join

Whatsapp Group Links: A Few Facts About Malaysia

Before joining Malaysian WhatsApp groups, it is important to know some facts about Malaysia. Malaysia is a well-developed country in Southeast Asia. Here are some facts about Malaysia.

  • Malaysia has an overall population of approximately 34 Million and its capital city is Kuala Lumpur.
  • Malaysia’s first high-standard education institute is “Universiti Malaya” which was established in 1949.
  • The official religion and languages of Malaysia are Islam and Malay.
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Malaysia Whatsapp Group Links Rules

The important thing you should know after joining these groups is that once you join the groups, you have a moral duty to follow the group rules. These rules are created by the admins of their respective groups to maintain discipline in the groups. A few of the rules are listed below. Take a look at them.

  • These groups are related to Malaysia and any posts other than Malaysia are not allowed in the groups.
  • Do not use abusive language in the group, as it may hurt some group members.
  • Always respect the admins and try to follow their instructions.
  • Respect the other members of the groups.
  • Try to stay active and send relevant posts to the groups.
  • If an argument leads to a fight, stop the argument.
  • Try to avoid religious and political talks in the groups.
  • Do not discuss mature or adult content in the groups otherwise, you will be kicked out from the group.
  • Do not share spam or affiliate links in the groups.

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How To Join Malaysia WhatsApp Group Links

Joining a WhatsApp group through a link is not a tough task. It is as easy as a piece of cake. You have to put in a little effort and you can join WhatsApp groups easily. Follow the following steps to join a WhatsApp group.

  • Go to the list of the links listed above and scroll down the list to choose your favorite WhatsApp group.
  • Once you choose your favorite WhatsApp group, click the provided link near the group name.
  • After you click the link, it will automatically pop up on your WhatsApp main account page.
  • Here you will see an option “Join Group”. Click on that option.
  • Lastly, you have successfully joined the group.

Pros And Cons of Malaysia Whatsapp Group Links

There are a lot of benefits to joining these groups. Because in the given group list, there are different categories of group and each category group contains different data.

While Malaysia WhatsApp group links have some benefits, there it also have some demerits. Both advantages and disadvantages of these groups are listed below.


  • There are many Malaysian girls groups listed in these groups where you can chat with beautiful Malaysian girls and make a relationship with them.
  • There are many tourist groups listed in these groups where you can see and explore the beautiful mountains, cities, and landscapes of Malaysia.
  • You have a chance to explore the culture of Malaysia as there are many groups related to Malaysian culture to which many Malaysians are added.
  • If you have a skill and looking for a job then you have a chance to get a job in Malaysia as there are many groups listed here that are related to Malaysian Jobs as Malaysia is a paradise for skillful workers.


  • There is a chance that it may change your thinking perspective
  • There is a chance that information in the groups related to Malaysia may not help you in your personal life.


Your friend can join these groups by WhatsApp group links. He just has to click on the invite link and he will be automatically added to the group.

You can leave a WhatsApp group by following the steps

  • Go to the WhatsApp group
  • Click on the group name
  • Scroll down and go to the bottom
  • Finally, click on the exit group

Final Thoughts

Malaysia WhatsApp group links cover all the groups related to Malaysia, its tourism group, sports, food, and its wonderful people. You can join these groups by clicking on the Join Now button. While joining these groups make sure to follow all the group rules.

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