How to Install WhatsApp

how to install whatsapp

Before discussing how to install WhatsApp, we will discuss WhatsApp. Whatsapp is a free messaging app, along with other features like audio calling, video calling, and voice messages. It uses the internet to operate and to chat with others. So, it is relatively cheap to use.

I will provide you with how to install WhatsApp on Android phones, tablets, iPhones, iPads, and Desktops. And how to set up an account on the app for the first time, and a brief discussion on the features of the app.

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As you know, WhatsApp is a widely used application of communication in the world. Different people use WhatsApp for data sharing, communication, and chatting, and by following this, we can discuss the ‘3’ methods of installing WhatsApp.

  • How to install Whatsapp on Android and Tablet
  • How to install WhatsApp on iPhone or iPad
  • How to install WhatsApp on a Desktop

How To Install WhatsApp on Mobile Phone

The installation of WhatsApp on mobile phones is further described in two ways.

  1. On Android and tablet
  2. On iPhone

1st Method How To Install WhatsApp on Android And Tablet

install whatsapp

Step 1: The first thing you have to do is that you have to visit the Play Store on your Android phone.

search whatsapp

Step 2: Second, click the search button of the Play Store on the up-left side of the mobile.

type whatsapp

Step 3: Now click the search button and type WhatsApp in it.

click first result

Step 4: No click on the WhatsApp logo after you search.

click install

Step 5: There is an install button on the top right side of the logo of WhatsApp. Click on that install button.

downloading start

Step 6: Now, downloading will start automatically after you click the accept button.

tap open button

Step 7: Wait for some time while the downloading is complete. Once the downloading completes, tap the open button on the up-right side and set up your account.

agree and continue

Step 8: After you click the open button, you will see an agree and continue button on the bottom of your screen. Click on that button. It means you have agreed with the terms and privacy policies of WhatsApp.

enter phone number

Step 9: After agreeing to the WhatsApp policies, you will see the phone number portion in the middle of the screen. Firstly you have to choose the country from where you belong. And then, enter your phone number in that portion.

wait for verification code

Step 10: After entering your phone number, Google will ask you whether your phone number is OK or not. If it is correct, click the ok button, and now you will receive a verification code on the text message app on the number you have provided.

go to the message box

Step 11: Go to the message box and tap on the new message. You will see a six-digit code code there. Copy that code and paste it into the WhatsApp code box. If the code is correct, it will confirm your number and redirect you to the account profile creation page

go to profile section

Step 12: In the profile section, enter your original name and upload your original picture. It will help your relatives and your contacts to identify you. In case you did not upload your original Name.

click next button

Step 13: Now, in the end, click the Next button, which is in the bottom right corner of the screen. Now your WhatsApp is installed, your account is set, and you can use WhatsApp with respite.

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2nd Method How To Install WhatsApp On iPhone Or iPad

app store

Step 1: First thing, you have to visit the Apple store of your iPhone or iPad.

click search icon

Step 2: After that, click the magnifying glass looking search option at the bottom right of the screen.

type whatsapp

Step 3: Type WhatsApp in the search box.

click on first result

Step 4: After you click the search button, you will see a list of different WhatsApp on the search result list. Click on the first result recommended by the Apple store.

tap get button

Step 5: Tap the Get button placed on the right of the green logo of WhatsApp.

click install button

Step 6: Click on the install button which looks like a cloud when it comes in the same place where the Get button was.

downloading start

Step 7: After you tap the install button, it will take some time to download.

access to contacts

Step 8: Before entering the WhatsApp main page, WhatsApp will ask your permission to access your contacts. Press ok or don’t allow as of your wish which is on the bottom of the screen.

agree and continue

Step 9: After that, tap the agree and continue button at the bottom of the screen panel.

enter phone number

Step 10: Type your phone number in the number box and click the DONE button on the screen’s top right side.

confirm phone number

Step 11: Now WhatsApp will ask you to confirm your phone number as WhatsApp will send you a six-digit code on your message box on the provided number.

go to message box

Step 12: Go to the messaging app, and open a new message. You will see a six-digit code. Copy that code, type in the code box, and press OK.

go to profile section

Step 13: Now, type your original nickname or the other names you want. There is an option there to add your profile picture there. There is an extra feature to restore your chat history in case you had a WhatsApp account before on this iPhone.

press done

Step 14: At the end, just press Done. Your WhatsApp is installed, and your account is set up and ready to operate.

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How To Install WhatsApp On Desktop

open chrome

Step 1:  Open the Chrome browser or any other browser on your PC.

go to search bar

Step 2: Go to the search bar on the upside of your computer screen and type or visit WhatsApp’s official site directly and download the desktop version of WhatsApp from here.

click mac

Step 3: After that, you will see four options Android, iPhone, Windows PC, and Windows phone on the bottom of your webpage. It’s because WhatsApp wants to know which device you want to download. You have to click on the Windows PC or Mac option.

click download

Step 4: After that, click the black download button, which will become green when hower. The system will automatically redirect you to the Microsoft store. set up the downloading file by clicking the button.

click whatsapp file

Step 5: Click on the WhatsApp file and wait for installation. When it’s installed, you will see a green colored background logo.

open whatsapp on mobile

Step 6: Open WhatsApp on your mobile phone or install it on your phone if this is the first time you have installed it.

tap 3 dots

Step 7: Go to WhatsApp on your phone and you will see three straight line dots on the up-right side of your phone. Click on that three-dot button.

link device option

Step 8: After clicking on the three dots button on your phone, scroll it down and you will see a ‘Linked Devices’ option. Click on that option.

click linked device

Step 9: After that, you will see an option to ‘link device’. Click on that option.

scanner open

Step 10: After you click the link device option, a scanner will open on your phone.

scan QR code

Step 11: Now open WhatsApp on your computer, and you will see a QR Code. Now scan that QR Code with the scanner opened on your mobile phone.

whatsapp is connected

Step 12: Once the scanning is completed, your computer device will be automatically connected to your mobile WhatsApp. Now, your mobile WhatsApp account is linked to your computer WhatsApp.

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The installation of WhatsApp is free. You don’t need any charges to download or install WhatsApp.

Yes, Android, IOS, and desktops can all support installing and downloading WhatsApp.

Yes, a phone number is necessary for WhatsApp. Because without a phone number, you can’t create an account on WhatsApp.

Yes, both audio and video calls and messages are accessible on WhatsApp. You just need a good internet connection to make calls and messages.


In this article, I have discussed all the aspects of how to install WhatsApp from the beginner level. From the guidance of this article, one can easily install WhatsApp on their relevant devices even if he is a beginner and knows nothing about WhatsApp.

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